Humans of SLA Beeber: Kobe (James)

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1.What do you want to be in life as far as a person or career wise? Why?

“I just want to be someone that people look up to because I come from a place where no one really had nothing. I just want to be...I really don’t know. I want to be the best there is at computer engineering. I want Lovelace Inc. to the incorporation that everyone looks to.”

2. What is a habit you notice about yourself and where do you think it comes from?

“Being there for people you know, that s a habit I see. It comes from my mom you know, and I give her respect for that because she always there for me through everything, when I was younger, when I was a bad kid…”

3. As a person, what challenge in your life do you feel was the hardest to overcome and do you feel that is benefited you or negatively affected you?

“I would have to say being bullied and being the four-eyed in class, that was the hardest thing I could… That benefited me because look at me know.... I’m here…”