Humans of SLA Beeber: Michael

Zack: What was it like growing up in your neighborhood?

Michael: I stay inside a lot sleeping. I didn't know a lot of people in my block. They were all most just racist. During the summer was the only time I came outside. Mostly because my mom made go outside. When I went outside I would ride my bike around my block. I was like the fastest one. Our block had a lot of bike races. I destroyed everyone. They all made excuses like they broke a bone or that I was Asian so I have an unfair advantage. Which was true cause I was born a ninja.

Zack: What is the time that you remember the most from growing up?

Michael: In 6th grade, my teacher had a Jeopardy game about math. I was like the smartest one in my school. The teacher would put me against like everyone when I play. I won like so many games. I think I only lost like one. My teacher was proud of me so he gave me lemon pie after I recited 70 digits of pi. Everyone was so mad at me cause I did so well in school without doing much work. I got kicked out and stuff and I still ace every math benchmark and a was kind of a bully.

Zack: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Michael: In ten years, I see myself as a musician playing the piano and singing in front of people and getting money for it. I see myself making all this money while living in like a one room apartment. I see myself eating ice and sleeping when I am not singing.

We didn't have audio for our interview