Humans of SLA Beeber : Mr.B


Hello Mr.B.How are you?

-I am good.Alive so I can’t complain.

Okay thats good, Do you mind if I begin the interview?

-It’s good


Do you have any regrets in life? Why or Why not?

-I don't regret anything in life.

What is the happiest moment of your life whether academic or social?

-Graduation from High School.I felt accomplished and full of energy.

Describe your life in one word.Why did you choose that word?

-Resilient. No matter what I have been able to rebound and grit through it.

How was life growing up in your home town?

-In upper darby.We got along there.We were a close nit family.Ton’s of love was shared.

What has to be the most life changing moment in your life.

-First experience into college.Becoming an english teacher.I had the idea of necoming one in the back of my head.I just wanted to test the ater s a bit.Just to see how it was.Then I finnally was hit with the idea of becoming an english teacher.

What is one lesson or quote that you have really instilled in yourself and why?

-You can’t go around life being angry.If you are angry towards someone than they control you.You should learn to let things go.If you don’t it'll eat at you.Being angry at them just allows them to have more power over you.

Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?

-Hopefully, I am teaching.I love teaching.So  I hope I am given the chance to teach in the future.I also hope I am the best I can be at it.

What is one childhood dream you always wanted to accomplish?Do you have one? Why or Why not.Do you see your self achieving this?

-I wish I could be a great musician.I think so and I am making good progress.I have performed at a highly decorated school.It was awesome.

Thank you for your time