"I'm A Dreamer" Color Wheel

I have created this work because I liked the idea of having a range of colors flowing from an object, it’s a very creative and interesting thing to draw and create.
My overall vision of my work seems to be very inspiring. I got a lot of compliments on what i did and it made me more confident in what I did. I had the picture in my mind and it came out almost exactly the way i expected it to mainly because of the object i used as my centerpiece. The paint’s that we used weren’t exactly what I imagined but it got the job done and brought my vision to life.
I expect my audience to appreciate the effort that i put into my artwork and to complement it on what it is. I would love constructive feedback because you can never improve too much.
I would say that my current work is just as good and my previous work, it just so happens that this one was just a different type of piece. I feel like it’s good to broaden my experience in the “artplace”. It relates in a way simply because it comes from the same place. Everytime I do a new piece it comes from me.
Current contemporary art and the work i have don are probably on two whole different scales in my opinion. Looking at contemporary art it make mine look like a child’s sketch. But that makes me better because I know my inspiration and as long as i keep doing what I have been my work will continue to get better over time.
History of art practice is exactly what we are bringing out every time we do a new piece of art. Using this “color wheel” method it brings about where our colors come from and how we use them in different ways that make them original. Even though it’s the same colors it’s a different piece.
I think my work would stand out in a group exhibition because of how bright my colors and and the technique i used.
My inspiration was tumblr. I love the photography that pops up when you google “Tumblr” it's a reflection of how i see everything. I always use that as my inspiration for my art. But i think think that if i used something else as my inspiration my work would be completely different.
If tumblr artists relates to “other artists” then i have been influenced by their style and use of color and fading tints.
A certain technique isn’t crucial but you must have an idea of what you want your work to look like in the long run so before you start you want to have a game plan and an idea of what you want your work to look like so if you follow those steps your work will come out as planned.
A new technique i have learned is the color wheel itself, i learned how to make tints and it reminded me of what my colors are and how to use them . I’ve never done a color wheel before so it gave me some insight on what colors i could use and how i could use them.
Overall I feel as though my art piece was meaningful to me in the best way possible, it brings out the artist in me and it shows my vision and love for owls. I think that choosing to do my piece this way really compliments my ideas and the requirements for the project itself. I think the time i spent on doing this work shows graciously and I’m very proud to show my work off to those who have not seen it yet, as well as all my other pieces i have done in the past.