1. The internet changed the way the humans communicate in many ways. There is a current theory or hypothesis that relationships are not as deep as they used to be since there is less “face-to-face” interaction and more “screen-to-screen” interaction 2. Immediacy-Regardless of the speed of your Wi-Fi or any other variable the chances are that when you attempt to post something its going to post immediately. In other words, it posts instantly. This leaves very little room for a mistake or human error. Therefore, be very careful about what you post or any site or app especially popular ones because of course “we are in the age of technology”- Mr. Hertz 3. Permanence- This is another word for immortal. To elucidate or clarify, once you post something it’s because of immediacy you won’t know how many people screenshotted, copied, reposted that item you posted. Causing a major predicament for you especially if you posted something demeaning, offensive or embarrassing, (and other word I didn’t cover). 4. Lack of Control- This what happen when mix Permanence and Immediacy you will get the word or topic “lack of control”. The meaning of this word is very self-explanatory. Basically, you have no control of what you post when you post it! Opening a “Pandora’s box” problems for you. 5. There are multiple ways to manage your reputation in the “real” world and in the “cyber “world. One of those ways are thinking very critically. In other words, carefully monitoring what gets posted and while thinking…Will this affect me in the long-run. Another way is to be very reserved. To clarify, many sites and apps have a “private account” option where only your friends (on the site and/or app) can see and read what post. Doing this allows you to let only the people you trust see your material. 6. In my personal opinion, I believe the internet has a series of rules that are very broad with overly complicated consequences. Causing people not to pay attention to rules and causing them no to respect them. Because of this, many people are very confused when arrested for violating a crime (internet-related). 7. Cyber-Bullying- bullying using anything that at some point you have to plug in. 8. Harassment and Stalking are two big kinds of cyberbullying. Harassment is considered cyber bullying since its basically regular bulling but just with a fancy name and with a device. Stalking is considering cyberbullying since you are constantly violate a person’s right of being watched without their permission. Or when you are going out your way to find somebody to pester them, watch them, or etc. 9. Victims- 1. Stay strong, 2. Don’t let em get you down 3. Speak up!!!! 10. Bullies- 1. Think Do I really want to do this?? 2. Remember karma exist 3. Remember “there is always someone better than you at playing dirty” 11. Bystanders- 1. What the heck!! 2. Help the poor man/woman. 3. Clearly they need help 12. Your Top 5 tips for using the Internet 1. Be careful 2. Be smart 3. Use common sense 4. Be responsible 5. Be “of age”