I don't have a title for this project

Q1- For this project, I had to create a website. The website had to be all about me. The goal of the project was to tell information on me so that people would know. I think this project was a failure. I say that because I didn’t achieve everything I wanted.


Q2- For this project, I had to learn codes and do them to solve puzzles. I then had to record a video of me doing the project. The goal of this project was to learn codes and solve puzzles. This project was much better than my first one. I achieved mostly everything I wanted to


Q3- For this project, I had to create 3D model (although I didn’t have to print it out). I decided to do a meme for this project. The meme was called it’s time to stop. I created it by creating a clock with a circle, an arrow, and inside of the clock, I wrote stop all around it. I then wrote over the clock “oh boy would you look at time?” The goal of this project was to create an image that could be 3D modeled. I feel like I did that and it was a good project.



The reason I chose to do this project is because I didn’t finish everything I needed for it. There were still levels that I needed to complete. One was the “For Loops” level. I wanted to particularly do this one because I felt like it was easy and I didn’t try hard enough on it. That’s why I wanted to do it.



Your high point of the course when it comes to your learning.

A high point of the course when it comes to learning is being able to hear directions once and then not need help for the majority of the class.


An area of growth for you.

An area of growth for me is being able to do my projects better. I went from a really bad 1st quarter project to a really good 3rd quarter project.



How you have used or could use a skill or technique you learned this year outside of this class.

I could use my knowledge of making a website to help people make a website if they want to make one or need to make one.



An idea you want to pitch for a project for next year's class.

A project I want to pitch for next year is creating a music video. I think this would be good because not only is it something fun, it will also help kids learn about technology.



3 tips for anyone taking this class.

Listen to the teacher and pay attention. If you don’t, you could miss something that will mess up your project or assignment.


Finish your work early. If you wait until the last minute to do it, you could mess up or not get everything you wanted.


Work your hardest. If you don’t, you won’t get a good enough grade.