Ignite Presentation

Q-1 Project
So what my Q1 project was is that we were supposed to create a website and add information about us to it. The overall goal of the website is to be able to add any information on further projects ahead of where we were at the time.
This project to me was a very good I believe that I did pretty ok on it other than my grammar.
Q-2 project
So the project that I did was the computer science crouse.
My vision and goals were to figure out how people can code and how can I learn to code things which would allow for me to do various things like moving keral around.
To me, I believe that it was a success because It got me closer to being able to understand other coding languages with ease. 

Q-3 project
This project was the 3d modeling project.
During this project what I wanted to do is make a model of what I like so I went with the idea to remake a really fun meme.
This was a success but I feel like I could have done better with this instead of making those number all over the place instead of being just stationary.
Quarter - 4 Revision

I went back to the website I used for the computer science/coding to finish some lessons that I didn't finish before. What I did was I went back in and changed the way some of the lines of codes were and made a few adjustments to some of the lines of code so that they can work for both situation.
My experience:
I believe that My highpoint was during the second quarters when I did the coding project I believe that during this time I gained the knowledge that I needed to know how to understand coding languages.

An area of growth for you
It may have been during my time of 3-D modeling project \, it allowed for me to be able to get an idea of what I may want to do during the future.
How you have used or could use a skill or technique you learned this year outside of this class
For the coding project, It allowed for me to understand certain lines of code due to my time while doing the second quarter project.
An idea you want to pitch for a project for next year's class
Let people make memes that are funny and clean.
3 tips for anyone taking this class
Take your time with the projects.
Have fun with the project
Finish your work on time.