Ignite Presentation

A high point in this project was me turning in all of my projects in on time. I had set a goal to try and receive a 82 or higher and I reached my goal more than one time. I enjoyed being able to express my creativity in my art work.
An area of growth was when I was doing my website and it all got deleted. I then had to to complete it again. It was hard trying to build it because I did not have time to watch the tutorial. I was then able to complete it with no worries and I knew how to work it well.
I can use these skills outside of class when I want to promote something and I can build a website to help promote it.
For the next year’s class is building project that has to have some form of electricity. 
For all of the students taking this class next year just relax and have fun. This class is the only class that is not stressful. Everything is organized for you. ALl you have to do is complete everything on time and you will pass.
My second tip is for the students to ask questions if they do not understand something because if you keep going with an unsure mind and when you do something wrong you might have to delete everything. 
My last and final tip in this class is to have fun because when you have fun you get your work done better and put forth your best effort.