Internet Survival Guide: By Victor Jimenez - Final Copy

Internet Survival Guide:

Slide 1: Title Page

Slide 2 & 3: An explanation of how the Internet has changed communication. Make sure to use at least one specific example.

The internet changed the community with its amount of freedom, there are rules within the internet, but you don’t have to follow them although you will have consequences. The community are now full of harassers, trolls, and boxers, but with the trolls and such there are innovations that have changed the world. For example, the social medias that are blowing up like wildfire. (Snap chat, Twitter, ETC.)

Define Immediacy, Permanence and Lack of Control as they pertain to the Internet and explain how Immediacy, Permanence and Lack of Control affect both our offline and our online identities and lives. Include at least one example for each.

Slide 4: Immediacy: When a post spreads quickly, to the point where it is hard to undo.

Slide 5:Permanence: When a post is permanently online, it will stay in the internet forever, it will be view able to everyone. When a post is permanently online, it could affect your offline identity, you could be noticed and made fun of, for example, the ermahgerd meme, she uploaded the picture and got harassed in real life.

Slide 6: Lack of Control: When you go overboard with a post, you took it too far, you couldn’t control yourself and now you regret it. Too much can cause it to get too famous or well known which can hurt you later on, if you post too much, like your address, people would know where you live.

Slide 7: Answer the question: “Does the Internet have rules?” Use at least one specific example.

The answer is simple, the internet itself does not have rules, but the apps or social medias have rules that they have themselves, but not the internet. For example, twitter is connected to the internet, the internet does not have any rules, but twitter has rules for the users.

Slide 8: Define cyber bullying in your own words.

Using the internet to bully someone, to a point where you can say anything that you can’t in real life.

Slide 8: Describe at least 2 kinds of cyber bullying and why they are considered cyber bullying

  1. Harassment

  2. Trolling

Slide 8: Provide advice for: victims, bullies and bystanders of cyber bullying

Victims: In your state, you can do something about the bullies if it falls onto cyber harassment.

Bullies: Stop, because you can get in huge trouble!

Bystanders: You should always help the person by telling an adult.

Slide 9: What are two ways that you can actively manage and protect your identity and your reputation online? (one of each)

  • Don’t release personal information

  • Remember that people you are talking to are real people

Slide 10: Your Top 5 tips for using the Internet

  1. Never Cyberbully

  2. Don’t Go Overboard

  3. Don’t do something you won’t regret

  4. Don’t go around sharing your private info

  5. Be nice