Internet Survival Guide

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the internet created a new way to communicate from far distances. For example 2,000 years ago the early Romans used pigeon post to communicate and that took awhile for the reciever, and also in the 1820s it took 15 hours for someone to receive a message through mail. The internet paved the way of instant communication changing it from a slow process to an instant process.

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  • In other words it means Instantaneous. This pertains to the internet by having something out on the internet without time to take it down or reconsider your actions if necessary.

  •    It affects our online identities by having something being uploaded fast that you didn't want to be uploaded fast. And when it's uploaded instantaneously our offline identities can suffer from anyone being able to see it as soon as it was uploaded, so right after it happened


  • When something is on the internet or stays on the internet forever. This pertains to the internet by having the internet be used as a vessel to permanently keep a type of file, virus, picture, etc on the internet

  • Permanence affects your online life by having the content you post, whether good or bad, be permanent. It affects your offline life by having somebody look at bad content that's on the internet forever.

Lack of control

  • Lack of control means having no control over what happens to the things you do on the internet after you do them. This pertains to the internet by having no control over criticism or vandalism on the online stuff you did

  • Lack of control affects your online life by having someone frame you for something you down do by editing your videos to make you say stuff you didn't (for example). It affects your offline life by having other people think bad about you because of the re-wording or something else that you have no control over

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one way you could do that is to not put your address and real name out there for the public/ internet to use

Another way you could do that is to watch what you do on the internet and be cautious of what you upload

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The internet does not have rules, but the things you do on the internet can be illegal.

One can not have ruled but still do illegal things for example, there is no rule about doing your homework but it is illegal to burn the homework in class/ arson.

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cyberbullying is bullying online, which could include trolling, spamming, hacking, ect

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One kind of cyberbullying is trolling, this is when people pick on a younger audience to make them rage and do things they don't want to do. When you see a troll block them

Another kind of cyberbullying is spamming. Spamming is when someone sends you repeated messages to annoy you. When you see a spammer block and report them

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1.stay safe

2. If you have to, use a vpn

3. Don't meet up with adults at all

4. Don't send nude pics

5. Ask your mom to buy something you want online because of you are not attentive you will but something that you did not want.