Internet Survival Guide

Internet survival Guide

How has the internet changed our communication

The internet has changed the way we communicate in some many ways and has done so much for us.We can find long lost siblings we get to talk to our family in the army or far distances away.We have been give something that has changed time and communication.In my eyes the main way the internet has changed our communications is social media.THis includes instagram,twitter,facebook,snapchat,and tinder.

Immediacy, Permanence and Lack of Control

Immediacy is doing something without thinking once its out there you cant take it back.Also its like how fast someone sees your post .Permanence is once its out there even if you take it down it doesnt matter someone might already have it and send it around.Lack of Control is like when you post or do something with a clouded mind when your not thinking straight.What control you do and dont have because other people might have and

2 Ways You Can Protect Yourself

You not try not to make all of your passwords the same because lets say one person knows the password if all of yours all your passwords are the same he can hack u

Or you could have some one hack u and pay them to see your bad or weak spots

Does the internet have rules

Yes the net has rules one rule is the freedom of speech where you may speak your mind but you can not treathen or try to hurt someone