Internet Survival Guide

Slide 2:Then And Now

Internet changed because back then it was only a reading source and now it it a place where you can post almost anything and anything can be viewed. An example of this is how back then a website would be used as reading source but now can  edit things, posts your ideas and emotions,just with a click of a button.

Slide 3: Immediacy

In my words Immediacy is how fast something is posted.An example immediacy is how fast an email can be sent.

Slide 4: Lack of control

Lack of control is when people make copies and screenshot it so they can repost it.An example of lack of control is how people make funny memes out of pictures of you, even without your consent.

Slide 5: Permanence

Permanence is based of of lack of control because since it reposted it can't be forgotten and you can search up the thing that was once posted.  An example of permanence is how funny pictures are posted and can be found easily, even after deletion.

Slide 6: How it affects us?

All of these things can affect anyone because now every small thing you do on social media will impact the rest of your life,offline and online. What I mean is how if you impersonate another person and get caught for it, now you will be remembered by that.

Slide 7: Protecting yourself

One way you can actively protect yourself is by locking your account so only your friends,followers, etc.,can see what you posted. Another way to protect your identity is to not post may pictures of yourself so people can't use identity theft on you.

Slide 8: Does internet have rules

No,it's only the websites on the internet that does have rules, One example of this is how you would search up something and the internet won't block you out of it.

Slide 9: Cyerbullying

cyberbullying- when you harass someone purposely online and they have no intention of stopping

Slide 10: Types of cyberbullying

I specifcally focused on two.One is trolling,it’s when you intentionally hurt another person's feeling and do it over and over again. And impersonations is when you make yourself look like another person so you can ruin their reputation.

Slide 11: Advice for everyone

Victims,don't wait for things to just suddenly end, tell someone. Bullies take into consideration that what you're doing is not cool. Bystanders, do something than just watch everything go downhill.

Slide 12: 5 tips

  1. Have your profile always on private for protection

  2. Don't try to change yourself for followers

  3. Don't think that just because i'm online i can do whatever i want

  4. Don't impersonate others

  5. Don't go try and cyberbully people, it's not cool