Internet Survival Guide

  1. ,An explanation of how the Internet has changed communication. Make sure to use at least one specific example.

The internet has changed communication in many ways, for example you can instantly send a message, or even start a conversation over something you posted.

  1. Define Immediacy, Permanence and Lack of Control as they pertain to the Internet and explain how Immediacy, Permanence and Lack of Control affect both our offline and our online identities and lives. Include at least one example for each.

Immediacy- Being able to send or post something and have it uploaded almost immediately, Immediacy affects our online identities in ways such

Permanence- The lasting remains of a post that remain on the internet even after it’s been deleted, this affects our online and offline identities because people online and offline could judge you for an irrationally posted subject like in the case of Kenneth Cole’s insensitive Cairo post.

Lack of control- Not being able to fully control what is done with something you post like when a celebrity post something and others repost what they did immediately and the their post could be taken out of context.

  1. What are two ways that you can actively manage and protect your identity and your reputation online? (one of each)

Two ways you can actively manage and protect your identity and reputation online are by not sharing secret information that is considered private and do not post private/harmful things you consider to be of your secretive life.

  1. Answer the question: “Does the Internet have rules?” Use at least one specific example.

No I do not believe that the internet has rules because it's more like the sites on the internet have rules, the rules of the sites you go on aren’t the same as one another/universal, so it’s like the internet is a blank sheet that can have parts of it modified for certain things but remain a blank sheet.

  1. Define cyberbullying in your own words.

Cyberbullying is when someone is threatened, harassed and/or targeted by someone else a device that allows them to use the Internet.

  1. Describe at least 2 kinds of cyberbullying and why they are considered cyberbullying

Two kinds of cyber bullying are harassment & stalking, harassment is repeatedly sending malicious messages to someone directly online, stalking is the continued following and watching over someone with eerie intent.

  1. Provide advice for: victims, bullies and bystanders of cyberbullying

If you are a victim of cyberbullying report your incident to an authority, if you are the one who is bullying I’d best advise that you terminate your actions immediately before things get out of hand or consequences will be bestowed upon you, If you are a bystander you should also report the incident in support of the victim.

  1. Your Top 5 tips for using the Internet

-Dont discriminate

-Do help report unjust actions made by others

-Don’t accept everybody/unknown people’s friend request

-Do ignore unflattering/ignorant text made by others.

-Don’t reveal personal information to strangers