Internet Survival Guide

1. internet has changed communication by giving people the ability to have freedom of speech and express their opinions to others freely. However some people think that this also means that they can say and get away with ANYTHING such as cyberbullying and trolling. An example could be of people expressing their opinions on race while others might take as an opportunity to be racist.

2. Immediacy is to be involved in something, permanence is to be forever lasting and never removeable and lack of control is by the name states to loose control over something or a situation. The way these three things affect our lives  are sort of in a pattern. It starts of with permanence when you put something unnecessary or inappropriate over the internet. Next, is immediacy where people start to find these inappropriate things and pull you and others into an argument of what and why the person did this over the internet. Last, is a lack of control where so many people see what you posted that you eventually start to get hate not just over the internet but in real life as well  after losing control over what you posted.

3. One way to protect your identity is by learning how to spot scams and hackers. Also, one way to protect your reputation is by presenting yourself well over the internet or by making a good first impression.

4. Yes the internet does have rules and while most people generally don't follow them, rules are still rules. An example could be how some places like America having a rule that allows you put people in court for cyber bullying while other places like alaska don't have that rule with them so someone can commit cyberbullying acts and can not be sent to court.

5. Cyberbullying is what happens when you abuse the power of technology and your own intellect and use those two things to harm or hurt others physically or mentally over the internet.

6. One type of cyberbullying is trolling which is when you go out of your way to do nothing more than insult or hurt someone over the internet for no real purpose. Another type is masquerading when you use someone face or name basically conceal yourself within a digital mask and avoid getting caught for heinous acts over the internet.

7. For victims of cyberbullying I recommend ignoring the commits the bullies make since they have no wright to judge you, especially since they don’t even know you. Also, make sure to call in a bystander for help. As for the bullies I recommend for them to stop going out of their way to harm others that they don’t even know and stop acting like cowards. If you want to bully someone do it in person instead of over the internet that will atleast make you look like you're tough enough to go  face to face with the person. If that's not enough to get you to stop than simply remember how rare it is for cyberbullies to escape with their crimes. Most people who bully others over the internet are eventually caught and put to prison so think about that.

8. My top 5 tips for using the internet are to first be aware of scams and hackers. Second, always try to make a good first impression on people. Third, only invite people you know and are familiar with over your social media. Fourth, make all of your internet passwords as convoluted as possible. Last and fifth, don't ever get involved in a situation that could potentially lead to cyber bullying.