Internet Survival Guide

Required Project Elements:

  1. An explanation of how the Internet has changed communication. Make sure to use at least one specific example.

  2. Define Immediacy, Permanence and Lack of Control as they pertain to the Internet and explain how Immediacy, Permanence and Lack of Control affect both our offline and our online identities and lives. Include at least one example for each.

  3. What are two ways that you can actively manage and protect your identity and your reputation online? (one of each)

  4. Answer the question: “Does the Internet have rules?” Use at least one specific example.

  5. Define cyberbullying in your own words.

  6. Describe at least 2 kinds of cyberbullying and why they are considered cyberbullying

  7. Provide advice for: victims, bullies and bystanders of cyberbullying

  8. Your Top 5 tips for using the Internet

What to turn in:

  • A link to a blog post that includes:

    • A 10 slide embedded Google Slides presentation

    • An explanation of each slide, numbered to match the slide. (just use your answers to the

    • items above)

  1. Internet has changed communication because now messages and posts can be instantly sent to social media and each other

  2. Immediacy is when you post something or send a message and it’s instantly there. Permanence is when a message or a post is posted, it’s always gonna be there. Lack of control is when a post online is posted and it spreads fast without your control. Immediacy, permanence and Lack of Control affect online and offline identities because immediacy makes it so that it's instantly sent so you could have acted off of impulse but you sent it and you can't stop it. Permanence affects our lives inside and outside of the internet because once you post it, it’s there forever and it cannot be taken down so it can ruin your life.

  3. You can manage your identity by thinking before you post and have passwords saved on a secure password saver account

  4. The internet itself does not have laws because no one can put a rule on the internet. You can however put a rule on websites within the internet

  5. Cyberbullying is harassing someone or a group of people online

  6. Trolling- its cyberbullying because you are coming at someone online  Shaming- exposing someone online

  7. If you are being cyber bullied, put your phone down:l If ur cyber bullying someone, put your phone down:l If you just watching someone get cyber bullied then tell them to put their phone down:l

  8. Dont send nudes

  9. Don’t post someone's picture without them knowing