Internet survival guide jawn


Slide 1:
The internet  has changed our way of communication in many ways. Instead of having to send emails that take days to send. We can send messages in seconds.

     Slide 2. Immediacy: How fast it takes to post something to millions of people. This can make your private information open to the public.

  1. Permanence: Your information being on the internet even when you delete it

  2. Lack of control: When you post something on the internet and everyone can screenshot it and post it. This can lead to blackmail and all that not good stuff.  

     Slide 3. You can make sure you are not doing anything that affects your life. This will keep you from losing your reputation

     Slide 4. The internet does not have rules but the websites on the internet do have rules. You can make rules for the internet but until then there is no rules on the internet. If i were to make a website i could make rules on it but those rules would only be on my website.

    Slide 5. Cyber bullying is assaulting someone online for no reason but for your own amusement.

   Slide 6. Trolling is a form of cyberbullying because you are attacking someone just to make them mad.Impersonating is also aform of cyber bullying because you are pretending to be the person that you are cyber bullying, this could lead to making that person lose friends on the internet.

   Slide 7 If you are being cyber bullied, don’t go online to get involved more. You don’t have to deal with online bullies if your aren't online.

   8 A. Don’t talk about anyone

       B. Don’t give your email to anyone

       C. Don’t talk to random strangers