Interview with Salina


Q: How do you see the world?

A: I see the world as a judgmental society as everyone is being judged and that we can also make your own decisions.

Q: Why do you see the world as that?

A: Because we can’t last long in a society without being judged or commented on who we are or how we look.

Q: How do you see others?

A: See everyone equal, as a community, that everyone has different character traits,  and that everyone is special in their own way.

Q: If the world was ending and you could save one person, would it be, why, and would they do the same?

A: My grandmother because she has done a lot for me throughout my life, and I believe so.

Q: If you could change one thing in your past, what would it be?

A: Would change my behavior, because I was a really bad kid when I was younger and that caused stress to my grandmother.

Q: Of all the things in the past, why this one?

A: Because it caused stress to my family, and I was a foster child because my mom had so many kids to the point she couldn't take care of, so I lived with my grandmother. I was getting in a lot of trouble in school, but the reason I did that was so I could see my mother again because I thought that the principal would call her to pick me up and stuff, but that wasn't the case.