Intro to Design and Multimedia

Darian Scudder 4/19/17

Project Script for Quarter #4


Included visual questions;

  • The project type

  • The overall vision and goals of the project

  • Was the project successful? Why? Why not?


Quarter # 1 Part;

  • The project type for quarter #1 was to create and design a website of your own choice using a website software  


  • The overall vision of this project was to familiarize student with editing and designing a web page about them for other students to get to know them as part of the SLA community


  • Yes as you can see from this slide presentation I’ve have made great progress. Was this project successful basically this project put students computer network skills to the test to basically to see what ideas they could come up with, to display information about their interest, accomplishments, and small bio about themselves within school and out.


Quarter # 2 Part;

  • The project type for quarter #2 was to create and design a project video on a website of your own choice using a video creation website software


  • The overall vision of the project was to also familiarize yourself with a video website for editing and designing  and videos something of your choice that was reasonable to show to the SLA  community to test your video creation editing skills


  • Yes the video was great success I mean there were little up’s and down’s creating the video on the video website software because the website would freeze and shut down most times. But I made it work even though I wanted to give up and move on to the next best thing I stuck with the website and made it work.  


Quarter # 3 Part;


-The project type for quarter #3 was to create and design and sketch and digital 3D model representation of a real imagined of object or living thing


- The overall vision of this project was to create 3D model image and explore an digital website software and find out how it works.Using this website could help student’s within the future to later on in life to plan for architectural or building projects for working experiences.These websites can be a good display to show their representation of what they are planning to create and present to the world.


- Yes the project was successful, as you can see from looking at the slides in presentation it shows my full progress and what I have accomplished, why was the project successful for me I just pretty much spent my time trying doing my best putting my knowledge skills and my creative skills to the test. To sketch whatever image of a 3 dimensional object I could think to make and even though I was kind of having trouble a couple of times  with the tools and website. I was still able to manage and pull through to make what I wanted even though it was not exactly  where I wanted the creation of my project object to look like.


Quarter #4 part;


  • why you chose this project and the process you went through revising it include a visual


I wanted to do my project revision from my quarter #2 video refection , my revision was focusing on fixing my on my website reflection because I wanted viewers to be able to see my reflection of my work of what I said on my website.  At first I wanted viewers to see my project reflection to my project progress through a google document link. The problem was the refection need to be visual on my website not a  displayed link that people had to copy and put it in the search link bar. So here are all the steps I went through to fixing my project reflection my website.


  • First, I have opened up my website and google document

  • Second, I went my website and went on to the project tab on my website

  • Third, I went my website and deleted the link code of my google document with my video refection of quarter #2

  • Four, I then went Inside my google document where I written my project reflection and copied all my sentences and words i’ve written down from my reflection

  • Fifth, I went back to my website and  transfer all my project refection information into a textbox on my website

  • Sixth, last but not least I republished my website with the edited changes and now you could see my project reflection underneath my project video


  • Your high point of the course when it comes to your learning include a visual

I choose my course website as a highest point of learning because it was my first time ever creating a website that I though was one of greatest success of learning. In the past I have used website’s to build and create powerpoint’s also I have used websites to create and make videos for projects. But I have never made and create one which I enjoyed doing because now I have gain a part of learning that I can now used for the future references. When it comes time for me to show off a presentation or something of my interest that I want to show and want the world to know about.


  • An area of growth for you include a visual

I choose my project revision from quater #2 as a sign of growth just to show that their was a part to one of my project’s that I did need to edit and fix up. I wanted to show this picture as part of my growth for my presentation because I wanted people to know not everything you do will be such a great success. Their will always be something that needs to rearrange and change around so people can see and clearly understand the point that you're trying to make.


  • How you have used or could use a skill or technique you learned this year outside of this class include a visual

A skill and technique that I have learned and used throughout this whole project course was this motto this motto is what kept me going. There have been times where I always second guess myself, give up on things, or faced hard non-understandable problems that have slowed from down from my path to success. But I play this motto in my head almost everyday when I get to these kinds of breaking points I just “keep moving forward”.This motto gives me hope, strength and also comfort through the good and the bad times I go through.



  • An idea you want to pitch for a project for next year's class include a visual

Next year’s project for video editing for other students make sure their are proper websites to use for video editing. Some websites can tend to freeze and stop working and shut down so next time just be on the lookout and heads up for better video editing websites for students.


  • Tip #1 for anyone taking this class include a visual

I choose this image as part of my tip visual  for the next class for the future because in order for them to succeed and get good credit for the work they complete and try hard to do.They got to  try their best and don't give up the on their work or themselves if it is hard or difficult for them to understand. The future students must know and must understand that they  just got to do what you can do and what you know how to do. It’s better to have something out of nothing at the end of the day you can just say I put forth a good effort.

  • Tip #2 for anyone taking this class include a visual

The reason I choose this image for my second visual because their will be thing’s that people might understand or may be difficult for them to figure it out whatever they are trying to do. Students must know when these difficult times appear  they need to come out, and reach out of their uncomfortable zone space and learn to ask for help from peers and teachers. Not everything is going to be understood or easy to go through their will be obstacles and problems always in the way. Students need to know they don't have to go them through alone there will always be help along the way.

  • Tip #3 for anyone taking this class include a visual

The reason I choose this tip for my last visual because students need to know to believe in themselves what they are capable of doing. Not everything is going to come easy there will be battles to go through and fight with work. But students need to know trust in themselves and need to be able to pull through it will be a risky and hard path to cross with learning sometimes. As long as student hold themselves together they can and push themselves forward they can make it.