It's Time To Stop!

My project was to make a popular meme using 3D modeling. What I hoped to learn is how to create a 3D image using simple tools and shapes. To create my meme, I had to create a clock with the word stop going around it. To do this, I had to get a circle and expand it. I then had to add a rectangle and put a triangle on top of it to be the hand. The success I had was actually creating the clock. A failure I had was putting the words in the clock. I overcame it by taking my time and not rushing. What I learned through this project is that taking your time will always be better rushing. What I learned about myself is that I work better when I’m focused than when I’m not. If I could do this project differently, I would probably try to add more stuff to the model. Some tips for people doing this project is do something you want to do and know you can do. This project has inspired to create more 3D models. The tool that I used help convey the message I was trying to make because Tinkercad has many options that you can use to create something. I wanted to show that in my project, I can use a lot of stuff which would portray the message that I’m versatile.