Jade Harris, Saphira Paul-Fils, Hadja Diallo Capstone Project

What is beauty? We based our capstone project on beauty because it is such a powerful word in today's generation. There are many definitions of beauty, but people still have the mindset that beauty is based upon physical appearance i.e. eurocentric beauty standards and not who you are as person. We wanted to give a visual representation of what beauty means. We interviewed 5 people from different countries from Science leadership Academy at Beeber to show the beauty standards around the world. We wanted to learn what the definition of beauty meant in different countries, and how people from different countries expressed beauty and what made them feel beautiful.  We came up with 5 questions about beauty to ask. These questions were, “Where are you from?, What’s your definition of beauty? What’s your countries idea of beauty? What is the difference between your country’s beauty and America’s? Which standard of beauty do you find yourself conforming to?” We then asked them to bring clothing or jewelry that defined beauty from their country. To broaden our point of view, we asked two gentlemen to give their perspective on beauty. Given the fact that beauty isn’t just within a person, it can also be a place or thing, we also explored the Art Museum of Philadelphia. Each one of the five people say the word Beauty in their language. For the final project, we created a video that we wanted to share with the world.