Jasmine Bailey's Capstone

My capstone was centered around the following guiding questions, What ways can we better support young entrepreneurs? What information can we help entrepreneurs obtain that’ll benefit their business skills? In what ways can we bring together young entrepreneurs and make them collaborate? 2 of my classmates and I, who also have businesses of our own, hosted a “Boss Brunch” at Merion Botanical Park where we found vendors that were interested in marketing, networking, and socializing with other young entrepreneurs. Having to find a place for the event, vendors, speakers, a caterer, and get a permit for the park. We charged a $25 vending fee and used the money to pay for tables, chairs, decorations and other things we needed. Providing food and drinks, allowing every business to set up and sell their items and also gain words of encouragement from a few experienced entrepreneurs we found through social media and personal connections. There was also a photographer who captured all the memorable moments at our boss brunch. I learned that even the most successful people have been at the point I’m at now. Everyone left supporting new businesses they didn’t know before the brunch, exchanging social media handles and creating connections that are continuing to last after the brunch. Bringing the young entrepreneur community together and allowing them to connect with each other is the best way to support them because you relate to a group of people just like you and help uplift and support each other.