Justyn Griffin Capstone

At Science Leadership Academy@Beeber, capstone projects are an integral part of the learning experience. These projects are designed to make a lasting impression on the student and the school, while not taking away from the regular curriculum. This was especially true for my capstone project.

My team and I tackled the important subject of financial literacy, with the goal of showing our classmates the importance of financial freedom. We believed that this knowledge was essential to making informed decisions, and wanted to ensure that our peers had the same opportunities that we did.

To make our project as engaging as possible, we developed creative assignments tailored to our students. We created quizzes, worksheets, and presentations to ensure that everyone was engaged and learning. We also provided real-world examples of financial freedom to illustrate our points.

Our capstone project provided us with an invaluable experience that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. We learned how to teach, collaborate, and communicate effectively, while also gaining an insightful understanding of the world of finance.