Kaelan Glass, Aliya Rouine Capstone

Adam discusses his experience with Peer Mediation.
Jada discusses her experience with Peer Mediation.
Adam gives a lesson on the conflict cycle.
Adam, Olivia, Aliya and a volunteer roleplay a scenario where their characters are in a conflict with one another.
​Working on this project was much more than just a capstone. I received an opportunity to be apart of building a program capable of helping people solve their day-to-day issues. In the process, I became more capable of acknowledging my own conflicts and how to deal with them accordingly. Over the course of this project, I learned that there’s a thought behind every action, no matter how small or large. I also learned that active listening is key when you’re trying to encourage someone to communicate. In addition to these things, I learned about the six dimensions of wellness and how they shape our state of mind. It’s safe to say that I’m now more skilled in the art of problem-solving, whether the issue is my own or someone else’s. Week after week we learned more about what it means to be a peer mediator and talk to people about serious matters. It is because of all this that I believe Ms. Fanning truly gave me the chance to contribute to the community as a whole and to improve my capability as a person. It was an honor working with Aliya and the other peer mediators for the past few months. Our rigorous commitment to the project helped create the pristine product you see now. We’ve laid the foundation for an excellent program to be introduced as part of SLA’s counseling initiative. Now we can only hope that we inspire Mr. Johnson to first take a good look at what we’ve created, and then embrace it for the betterment of the SLA community. 

Material recorded and created during the process of the project can be found above.