Keith Corbin Capstone

For my senior capstone, I created homemade remedies for hair, skin, and face. In my slideshow presentation, I introduced what types of products I used such as; shea butter, coconut oil, cinnamon, and mango butter. I talked specifically about the health benefits of using these natural products. Most people use products that contain strong chemicals in them like salicylic acid. People who use those types of products usually experience skin damage or breakouts. I used my own experience from when I used a product and it burned my face. Although the products take time to work the results that each has works in less than a week.

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Anthony Walker-Wardlaw (Student 2019)
Anthony Walker-Wardlaw

This is a really impressive project! Natural or not creating skin and hair care products has a lot of ways it can go wrong, and being able to achieve that delicate balance in ingredients and usage is a feat not to be scoffed at. There was likely a lot of research and care that went into this and it shows. I also like that you put your methods and formulas in the slides, so people down the line can see it.