KidNap: MaD Final Project

I created an action short using iMovie that was 1:30 long. The goals of this project were to entertain people and have fun, but I wanted to learn how to edit as well.

Step by step process:

  1. Plan out what the short film was going to be about

  2. Cast friends as characters

  3. Meet at a spot to record footage

  4. Begin choreography movements and director placements

  5. Begin recording (about 3 hours of collecting footage)

  6. Plan out editing style and use whatever software is the best

  7. Edit footage collected

Successes were, finishing the project and getting desirable footage. Failures were just retakes. Someone didn’t do something the right way, or the way I wanted them to, so we would have to retake certain footage, not mass amounts though. I learned how to imagine and brainstorm when it came to creating visual content. I became pretty confident with editing but not very great at it. I’m still learning a great deal and I know very little about it. I think the project itself doesn’t look the greatest but I used everything I knew about editing on this short film and I am very proud of that. I learned that I am good at directing and that people listen to what I have to say, most of the time, because I have a loud voice. If I could do this project differently I would start the recording process earlier. For anyone else doing this project I would say, don’t take the time that it takes to record for granted, because it’ll bite you later on in the project. Instead, record very early on so you have the footage you need in order to finish the project. The medium chosen added more depth and everydayness to the short film. This project has inspired me to learn a lot more about editing and encourage myself to excel at it. All of the sound effects were from iMovie on the Mac.