Kitana Seals Capstone.Bentum.2019

 For our capstone we made a video for both seniors and upcoming 9th graders. We used seniors and advisors to get the message across. We interviewed the seniors so that the incoming freshman could see what it could be like in the SLA community as well as the experiences that you could have. The advisors in the video would be for the seniors and their final message to the class of 2019. Before we got to this outcome we had to do some research about what a community really is and how it can affect people. When we gathered information on a community we wanted to ask questions that would relate to what people in school thought of our community. It’s about being in a safe space and having a mutual understanding of the people around you and creating things together. That relates to some of our core values like collaboration and presentation.we thought about how we can make this a legacy at SLA Beeber. This video is a heartwarming style documentary about what people actually think about SLA and what seniors are leaving to the future generations. We’re establishing a foundation that they can build on and make the community and school better.