La clase de español 2: Benchmark

Mi Familia, Mis Amigos, Mis Profesores y Yo

The goal of this project was to  create a dialogue that will  assist in introducing individuals, speaking fluently, writing formally and aim to become a part of a study abroad exchange program with a family in another country. Students were expected to create a dialogue that will include specific components and have individuals that are a part of your life, share the dialogue in a video. As a candidate for an exchange program, you have the opportunity to share and represent the different parts of your life here in the United States/Philadelphia/Pennsylvania.

In the video, students could either have the following people provide dialogue via recording (you must provide the dialogue) or students could create a voice over with pictures of the person(s). The videos must include the following people:

At least…(minimum but you can have more individuals in your video)

  • 2 miembros de tu familia

  • 2 amigos

  • 1 profesor(a)

  • Yo

Here are the results.....