LA Wires

The earth systems can be affected by a forest fire in good and bad ways. For instance, a forest fire can affect the Geosphere by the ash and the heat from the fire creating good growing soil. The atmosphere can be affected by the forest fire ash and debris that can rise into the sky and block sunlight. A forest fire can affect the biosphere by less oxygen in the air that would make it hard for humans to breath which affects the climate. Lastly, a forest fire can affect the hydrosphere by the debris and soot that can be carried in the atmosphere and dropped into a nearby body of water which can pollute and affect the aquatic life. Understanding environmental science aid in handling natural disasters can help you prepare for natural disasters that might occur. Understanding how they can start and understand how it can affect the different earth systems can be beneficial to everyone. It’s important to know how to safely deal with a natural disaster and how they can affect you afterward. Efforts that we can make to create a sustainable future would be to stop burning things, stop burning cigarettes and stop building houses in places that are easy to catch flame. It’s also important that we build stronger houses that would be tough to catch fire. It’s also better if we properly put out cigarettes instead of throwing them out on the streets. Reaction: After doing research about Los Angeles wildfires, I was able to take note of certain things that could help me in the future. For example, I took note of how to get out of a wildfire safely and how wildfires can affect the atmosphere for the worse and how it can affect the Geosphere for the better. While reading different articles, I wasn't too shocked to see that some wildfires are caused by human carelessness.