Lamira Jeffreys Benchmark Reflection

Our Awareness PSA basically talked about what most kids or teens today are sometimes are too shy about. It shed light on the statistics of reproductive health and some benefits from it. So I decided to do the topic of Reproductive health because firstly I wanted to do a topic that we really don’t know that much of. I wanted to also educate myself  on a topic like this that’s very under-looked compared to many others. I contributed to my group by doing everything visually and video wise. I helped bring the picture together as well as help conduct some of the interviews. I feel as though we did well by finding out resources that were trustworthy. I think the honesty and comfortless within our interviewers especially with a topic that’s so embarrassing for some they did very well with speaking on with their own prior knowledge. If I could do this again I would try and make it more entertaining for younger viewers so that it was seem as though they are just being talked at. I want them to understand by being entertained if they find little scripts or methods for them to be entertain it will be something they will take with them for the rest of their lives. The most meaningful thing about our PSA would have to be the authenticity and realness of our interviews it’s not as if they were planned or rehearsed they were talking from experiences and using the utmost honesty.