Lauren Wilson Capstone

When I first began brainstorming for my capstone, I knew I wanted to make a video that could act as sort of time capsule or record of what life was like for me as a high school senior in 2019. The original plan was to simply make a montage-style short film.To start, I began filming little clips day by day of things I was doing in and outside of school. Towards the end of the year, I felt satisfied with the amount of footage I had and began editing. This is when things started to change a bit. Though I liked the idea of a montage of special moments, I wanted to figure out how I could make the video more meaningful so that viewers could gain something from watching it. I decided to interview some friends and ask them what advice they would give to incoming high school students which I then edited over the footage I had collected, along with some music that I felt matched the tone of the video. The final product is what I have presented as my capstone. During this process, I learned that it’s okay for your finished product not to be exactly how you initially pictured. This project took on several different forms throughout the year as my ideas changed and evolved, but in the end, I was extremely happy with my final product, which ended up being a mix between my original idea and new ideas I had come up with along the way.