Lead Poison PSA

Link to PSA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Sa7ZfRjoRQ 

My group's PSA was about lead poisoning and that dangers that it can cause, as well as what causes it and what we can do to prevent it. I agreed on the topic of lead poisoning because, as we learned in a previous unit, it is a very serious issue. This environmental issue stood out from the others because it affected you directly in your own home. The affects that it has on families is devastating, and I felt it was important to talk about. 
For this project, I recorded the introduction and filmed the outro, and was in charge of the video editing. I enjoyed editing the video and bringing all of my group's clips together, and I feel that it turned out well. If there was something I would change, I would add transition clips in between each segment. I feel as though it would add more to the PSA. However, the moving images which were used in the project helps to keep the viewers entertained, and overall they got the message across. My favorite clip was at the end, which was a clip of my younger cousins presenting what they knew about lead.
The most meaningful part about creating this PSA was knowing that the people watching it will be better informed about a serious issue. Lead poisoning can greatly damage your health, and cause developmental setbacks in children which can affect them for life. I want to spread the word about this issue, so that no one's life will be disrupted by lead poisoning anymore. Hopefully, the message will be spread and the issue will be solved.