Lead Pollution and it's Effects on the Environment

I wanted to research lead pollution because lead is everywhere, even in places we didn’t expect at first. We’ve been learning about it being in homes and water during class and I was surprised because I always thought it was just in our pencils. Choosing this topic was meant for me to actually learn something instead of reciting back things I had already learned or already knew previously. And I did learn some new things.

Throughout the duration of the time we worked on the project, I tried to make sure every checkpoint was submitted on time and I wanted to make sure we had relevant information.

I think I tried to have more than just a video for our project when we first started recording and I just scratched that whole idea because the original video was worse than this one. Something I could’ve done better would be to edit and submit the video myself.

The most meaningful part of creating the PSA was learning new things, more than it being in the water and our homes, more than babies and young children being the most at risk of lead poisoning. I learned many organizations that help fight causes like this, I learned plants absorb lead through their soil, and lead can remain in dust indefinitely.