Lead Posioning

        For our Public Service Announcement (the video) we decided to make a “Breaking News” video because we thought it would grabs people attention, and make people more aware of the situation going on with lead poisoning. In the video it is split up into different “segments” such as the Introduction, an interview, news reporters talking about the information that we thought was the most important to educate people about the problems of lead poisoning. I chose this topic because I was really interested in researching more about the lead problems in Philadelphia, and also I wanted to educate myself more on this topic. I really wanted to do this topic because I feel like more people need to be aware of this problem, and more people need to step up to fix the many issues that are involved in the city of Philadelphia. I didn’t know much about the lead problem in Philadelphia, and doing this project helped me gain more information and more knowledge about this topic, and also made me want to put a stop to this problem. We need to all come together to fix these environmental justice issues, and make Philadelphia a clean, safe place to live.

     Throughout this process I’ve reflected a lot on what I have contributed to the project and the role I’ve played in the group. I contributed a lot for my group since the beginning of this benchmark. I reached out to my group members since the start to figure out if they wanted to be in the group, and which topic we wanted to pick. I contributed to the research part of the project by completing the questions / research I was assigned too, and also adding on to other parts of the research (such as additional research, or helping anyone who needed help for their part.). I contributed in the recording of the PSA too by recording my group members, and also helping them remember their lines, or giving ideas for the video. I also edited the video all on my own with the help of only of two of my group members. I believe my role for this project was to be a helper, and being the person to make sure I’m on top of things and so are my group members. I helped guided them through this project, and did anything they needed me or wanted me to do.

        As I reflect on our benchmark that we were given, I believe that there was a lot of things that I did well for this benchmark, and a few things that  my group members and I could’ve done differently. I believe throughout this whole process I was well at submitting all checkpoints on time, making sure I completed all of my work (my part) that I was assigned, recording my parts, and also communicating with my group members, and also editing. If we had another opportunity to redo this benchmark over again, I’d do differently is to not rush things, and take my time and look over what we have done because I rush a lot of times because I get stressed and feel the need to rush. I believe next time I would slow down, and make sure the work is done right, and that everything we need done, is finished.

The most meaningful part of this experience of creating this PSA would have to be learning more about the lead poisoning in Philadelphia. This experience made me realize a lot about how big of an issue lead poisoning is in the city. It was amazing learning more about it because we read an article earlier in the quarter about lead, and now we get to make people more aware about it, because if we make people more aware, more people will hopefully join in stopping and fighting to get rid of lead all together (or majority.)