LeAnn Bannister


For our capstone we made a blog that is about surviving high school. We give student and also parents advice on how high school is. We asked some students who have been through high school to gives us their real life experience, so that we could post it on our blog so incoming students or current students can read about it. We also asked people to ask us questions, and we recorded ourselves answering the questions and also just talking about our ups and downs throughout high school. We thought that this would be a good topic to do because so many students who are entering into high school do not always know what to expect. It can be harder for some and easier for others, but we believe that your high school is experience is what you make of it. During your experience you will face a lot of hard times. Your grades might fail, friendship may die, and sometimes you start to mature and branch out. It is good to have a good support system, people that are willing to help you and push you when you need it. We have been through alot and have friends who have been through things different from us. We know a lot from being in some situations. High school is a fun place and staying active in activity is also a helpful source to staying connected with other people who are at your school.
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