Learn, create, lead

Creativity while learning means to me.. It means expressing your creativity on what you think and how you picture things. I think that creativity while learning would help you in your years of high school or later in the years. It’s helpful, I don’t know much or think much about creativity learning. As long as you get it and you doing what you like and expressing what you like or how you picture things. You’ll be fine it wouldn’t really matter. It’s a lot of people that don’t really pay attention to creativity learning. I don’t believe it matters to some people you know sometimes people just want to get things over with or they really don’t care so they rush with things such as being taught even not being told about creativity learning. Today  it’s some teens that don't care as long as they pass in school , they could care less. I never really thought about creativity learning untill now, it never crossed my mind i just thought I’ma do this work get school over with it’s irritating now that I think about it I’m like oh okay you really need to do more and express in your work more show what you can do and learn what you can’t.Creativity while learning is a work of art.

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Aaryn Marrow (Student 2020)
Aaryn Marrow

I really agree with what you said about how teens just want to get it over and done with. It is very true, and I'm also thinking we have an advantage we are able to be creative and go outside the box at this school. I really agree with what you said and this was very good.