Learn, Create, Lead

Creativity while learning to me means there’s an opportunity to show what you’ve learned in something that’s completely different and is made by you. Everyone is creative and learns things in a multiple of ways. Some schools have a normal way of students putting their thoughts and learning into something. For instance, my old school had students take written benchmarks and tests. But someone didn’t think that way, they have something different to express their understanding for their classes. For me, I can take notes and study them, it’s better for me to write something down and look back to it. But for someone else, they like to look at the board and memorize and don’t write down anything at all. Creativity while learning is a way to showcase people’s different and unique ways of learning without anyone telling them they have to learn it in the same way as everything else. I feel that students should be able to express themselves through their school and have time to put down their thoughts and questions. Their different ways of learning should be incorporated into the way they complete work or show their understanding of the work. Like in math where there are different ways of solving a problem. Students are different. They have different ways of learning. You can’t make everyone learn something the same way because it’s how most people learn or it’s considered the ‘easiest’ way because sometimes it’s not. Some students may get it, some students won’t. It’s just the way they learn.

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Madison Richardson (Student 2020)
Madison Richardson

I find it intriguing how you expressed that creative while learning is showcasing people's unique ways of learning. Also that everyone can be different and express themselves in their own ways. Good paper Amaya.

Justina Thompson (Student 2020)
Justina Thompson

I love this paragraph as a whole. You painted a wonderful picture of how creativity helps not only you to learn, but helps individual students. Everyone is different, and you are right about that statement. This was extremely lovely to read, Amaya. Wonderful job. (:

Kimone White (Student 2020)
Kimone White

I agreed with what you said here "Creativity while learning to me means there’s an opportunity to show what you’ve learned in something that’s completely different and is made by you". I love how you explain how creativity helps you.

Steven Zafiris (Student 2020)
Steven Zafiris

I loved the way you defined it as "something that's completely different and is made by you". I also really liked the strong adjectives you used like unique. Over all I liked the way you compared this school to your old school, explaining how you would always take tests there and how you weren't able to fit in due to the fact that you weren't able to express yourself.