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Creativity while learning…

Creativity while learning is the key to success. Nothing slows you down and you don’t have boundaries. The good thing is that you can express yourself. The bad thing, well, there is no bad thing. You might have an time to write what you want to write, like I'm doing right now, but you will get the time to do it. You might not have imagination to just express yourself but, you can figure something out. We all at some point in time learned something from a book, and we used that information to help us in some type of way. But have you ever used your imagination to express yourself? To help you do something in school? The answer might be yes, but not frequently. The answer could be yes, but this time you could be someone who always used your imagination in school to accomplish things. If you're someone who doesn’t use your imagination, or you're someone who barely uses imagination, start to use it. It helps when you don’t have an idea for a homework assignment, or even for an project. Your imagination will greatly affect your creativity. You might say that you don’t have imagination. Everyone has some type of imagination. Even the slightest of imagination helps your creativity.

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Madison Richardson (Student 2020)
Madison Richardson

When discussing your interpretation of what creating while learning means I found it enthusing how you informed readers of what imagination is to you. I also agreed when you stated " the good thing is that you can express yourself."

Layla Rue (Student 2020)
Layla Rue

I like how you encourage people to use their imagination. I also like how you used to correct words to inspire someone to use their imagination