Littering PSA

Our PSA has many different components to it such as various statistics, images of litter in Philadelphia (cred. to Catherine), a news interview on the littering problem in Philadelphia via Mayor Jim Kenney, a scripted PSA explaining the various negative effects of littering outside of Philadelphia, and a poem about littering (cred. to Kasai). I chose this topic because littering is a huge, huge problem in our city and needs to be addressed more. I was the director for most of the footage present and composed the video. One thing I am proud of is that I made sure everything was organized. I made sure everyone was on task and doing their role. If we did anything differently it would probably be focusing on our city more than the general world. The most meaningful part of creating the PSA was just the knowledge and awareness we were able to bring to everyone. Everyone litters so much and hopefully, our PSA can change the minds of our peers and cause them to walk to the nearest trash can.