Look At The Life Of An African American Woman

Look At The Life Of An African American Woman

Life of a Black Philly Kid

People ask where I'm from then assume they know me

Well I'm from,  

Where family are back stabbers and backstabbers are your closest friends

I‘m from the city of brotherly love

Where love is a lie and love is hate  

No one sees what goes on, No one cares what happens

I’m from where guns are popular

Where you could get shot just from walking down the street

And when a White cop shoots a black kid it's the black kids fault

I’m from where cops fight you instead of help you

From where people are animals

Pigs, Rats, and Snakes

Where its right to take what's not yours

I'm from where we hide the truth because the lies are easier to believe

I say don't judge a book by its cover

I'm from when everyone knows every one

From where people fight for what they believe in

And from where people assume that we will live terrible life less lives because we are black

I'm from PHILLY!!

One of the prompts that we had to write a where I'm from poem. Well I took the liberty in rewriting mine because in the last 3 years at SLA, my teachers made us study about how being black changes things and we learned all about white privilege. In doing all of this studying of this topic I learn that people judge you on what you look like, where you come from, and how you speak. It maynot be the best way to do things but this is how people view other people.

The Break Up

Man you look like you have something to say.
I don't like the way you look at her, Sir.
Man!? I thought what you all had was all a blur.
Would you be bored with me if i made you stay.
To tell the truth I’m bored with you anyway.
Excuse me sir, but would you prefer her.
I really don't need you in my life, Sir.
I’m not even going to make you stay.
Please don't stay with me, cause I don't need you.
It's so sad to say, that I don't need you.
It's too clear to see that I don't need you.

For this poem I choose to do a free write. This fits under my topic because black women are always told that they carry this crazy attitude and that they treat people like the world has turned their back on them. In this poem the speaker is jumping to conclusions. He/she is upset about something they only got a glimpse of. So in their mind their partner is doing wrong. I think this is a strong stereotype for black women, matter of fact for women in general.

What is Life?

Anger is another person,
holding a gun to your head making you do violent things.
Anger is not a feeling, it's an opponent trying to make your forfeit,
Pushing you to your breaking point and never letting up
Until you finally break.

Love is an experiment.
Trying over and over again to see witch heart best coincides with yours,
getting hurt when something goes wrong, than trying something new just to make it right.
Love is when you go back to the first experiment
when you see that what you have is not working.
You make hypothesizes,
there not always good one
but you have to think about the outcome of the relationships.
You do test after test and still none is good for you.
You are that dependent variable
trying to see if that  independent variable changes you,
changes your life into something more,
into something better.
Your are jotting down notes in your memory
trying not to make the same mistake again.  

I wrote this poem because I feel as though Black women or in this case women in general have trouble finding themselves because of Life. Love and Anger are problems that you can never officially get rid of. They stay in the back of your mind and heart. Seeing so many people get hurt and having so many people hurt you slowly brakes you and starts leading to other feelings life throws at you like trust issues and hatred.