Madison Thigpen Capstone

For my capstone, I have created a podcast called "Let's talk about it SLA''. These segments have been discussed by both Teachers and students alike. Furthermore, in these episodes, you will listen to stories and experiences about burnout, adapting to change, finding motivation, and more. I wanted to make my capstone to be inclusive to the community around me, which is SLA. I thought about how teachers and students aren't having conversations regarding mental health without it too being taboo. What better way of bringing SLA together than to be vulnerable in some aspects. On the other hand, this process of putting it all together was a hassle. From research upon research of finding the right domain for recording to actually editing, took some trial and error. But after some time I was able to record my podcasts on Ancor and edit it easily on Garageband. All my episodes are now up and running for free on Spotify! Furthermore, I learned that making a podcast requires much patience and flexibility, especially when you have people featured on it. Also, I didn't expect to have as much fun as I did making it. Lastly, I hope my podcast brings comfort to those who are struggling and realizing that they are not alone.