Makema Vanterpool Capstone

For my Capstone project, I decided to Host and take the lower school 8th-grade graduation photos. First, I started by thoroughly cleaning and mopping the floors. Using a swifter jet, I was able to get this done in about 40 minutes. Then I was able to sweep up any access dirt that where in the little corners of the room. Miss Zoey is a lower school teacher who assisted me with my capstone. Taking graduation pictures for 8th-grade students can have a positive impact on their confidence and self-esteem in multiple ways. And I could tell because as soon as the children walked into the room, they had the biggest smile on their faces. Graduation pictures symbolize an important milestone in students' lives. By capturing this significant moment. I was able to set up all of the equipment needed after cleaning. Which included the tripod, camera, backdrop, reflector, lens, chairs, and more. Miss Zoey and I purchased three boxes of Dunkin Donuts of all flavors for the kids to enjoy. Everything was such a success because their faces lit up with smiles as I made sure that kid-friendly music was playing in the background. This validation can enhance their confidence and self-acceptance. Pictures can help students see themselves in a different light. The process of getting ready, dressing up, and having their pictures taken can be an empowering experience. Seeing themselves in a positive and professional context can improve their self-image and confidence. This was my goal.