Managing Your Waste PSA by Alana Baggett

This Video about Waste Management includes content about littering, dumping, and how trash affects the environment in Philadelphia. We zoom in on the amount of trash that is affecting and has been affecting the Philadelphia and Chester areas. Included in this PSA are videos about the issues it’s caused residents and how people have tried to fix the issue and what to look forward to reduce the issue. I chose this topic because I live in North Philadelphia. Usually, when people hear North Philly, they think of or see trash, which is sad. I see with my own eyes how trash is affecting our city.

I think there could have been more inclusion about what people do to hurt our environment, such as more insight into littering and dumping. I think our video includes multiple perspectives on the issue.

The most meaningful part of this project was seeing that there are actually people trying to do something about the issue. I feel like you don’t actually see what’s going on with topics in our community until you look further into it and I enjoyed seeing how many people are involved.