Mariatu fayia-Food justice

Hello everyone, my name is Mariatu. In today’s topic I will be discussing about food justice. Food justice is more than having food in your fridge, it’s about having enough healthy food to eat within your household for everyone to eat. Food justice hits the African America communities more negatively than it does any other communities. Stats from the feeding America website show that 1 in 4 or 21.6% of African American may not have healthy food to eat tonight! In my video I provide a solution that many people tend to follow, in hopes that one day things become better.

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Papa Sow (Student 2021)
Papa Sow

Hi, Mariatu I like the pictures you used in your video, something that impacts me the most is that 21.6% of black communities may experience food insecurities. Do you think creating more jobs in the black communities would make the situation better?