Mariatu Fayia Capstone

There are many things this project has taught me. I learned how to make and manage a sophisticated website to share information. I also learned that if I do a little a day, I can have a lot done by the deadline without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. An example of this was when I realized that my project needed to switch from show and tell to persuasion. Before, I was showcasing the amazing projects I was involved in and how that was going to impact my future. Learning the true meaning of this capstone project, which was to have a project that impacted a certain community, I switched my focus to using my projects to show high school students at SLA Beeber why science should be a field of consideration. If I didn’t manage my time well, I would never have met the requirements, or had such a laid-out website that really honed in on my objective. However, the most important lesson I have learned about myself is that I am always willing to do background research and expose myself to the community so that they can learn from my story. I believe that each person has gone through something different in order to share with the next person. I use my communication, advocating, writing, and research skills to inform others. Though my project is turned in and being graded now, I am still making beneficial changes and including more resources for students to use.