Media and Design Ignite Presentation

Quarter 1: Website

  • Overview

    • Type: The project was to create a website using an online site builder, like for example, Weebly and Wix. I chose to use Weebly.

    • The overall vision and goal(s): The goal, as mentioned above, is to create a website, but more specifically, a personal website with a resume, list of projects, and contact. A blog could be also included.
      My goal was to create just that, but with a very simplistic type of feel and very easy to navigate.

    • Successes: I feel that I have created a good and nice website that anyone can visit and find out who I am. The goal for creating a simplistic website were fulfilled and I am soon planning to add a blog and some extras.

Quarter 2: Computer Science

  • Overview

    • Type: The type of project was a “code highschool” learning site to learn the basics of Javascript.

    • The overall vision and goal(s): To learn and get general knowledge of Javascript, the language of the web. It was done via the way of Karel, a virtual dog who you controlled with Javascript.

    • Successes: The project was quite fun all in all. To me, it was quite easy, considering that I already had a previous knowledge of programming. There were some problems with the logic of the situation and the commands, but I figured it out eventually

Quarter 3: 3-D Modeling

  • Overview

    • Type: The project was to create a 3-D model of something artistic or that can be used in something else. You also had to show the model being used somehow.

    • The overall vision and goal(s): The goal like above was to create a model that can be used. For my model, I chose to create a player model for the game “Audiosurf 2”. It is a rhythm game where you control a character in a spaceship riding along a track made of the music you play, collecting blocks for score in time with the music.

    • Successes: I feel that I made a good model of what I wanted to be in the game. I have also created a custom “skin” to match this space feel as well. Everything else just fell together well.

Quarter 4: Revision

  • Overview

    • I wanted to finalize the product of the Quarter 3 project to make it fit better in the game. Basically, add extra engines, make it colored to fit the theme I wanted and to tweak everything else.


  • High Points

    • A good high point was the ability to learn computer programming in a flexible and fun way.

    • The best growth I had so far was the ability to get better in 3d modeling and some nice techniques.

    • The JavaScript I have learned will help me create more dynamic websites with additional capability.

  • Tips

    • TIP #1: Don’t forget to ask your classmates, especially ones who are working on the same project, for help if you are stuck.

    • Tip #2: The internet has more solutions than you think. Look something up to be sure.

    • Tip #3: If you are working on JavaScript, DON’T forget the semicolon at the end of the line!