Migdalia Ocasio Capstone- Grandma and I: A Hispanic CookBook

Hispanic White Rice!
Arroz con Gandules!
Carne Gizada
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For my senior Capstone this year I really wanted to focus on a skill that I wanted to learn and something that I also thought was important to me. While thinking on my Grandmother's table, I remembered being eight years old helping my Grandmother cut meat and peppers and onions. Then I knew I should make a cookbook with my grandmother. Through out the year I visited my grandma and made these recipes one by one. Most of the time she made me do it myself while she watched and we definitely made each dish more than twice to make sure the recipe's were as accurate as they possibly can be. My grandmother usually doesn't use measurements so it was difficult at first to figure out how much of each ingredient we had to put in. Through this I learned the importance of family, culture, how to make recipes and most of all how to make a delicious flan!