Mikeala Commander Capstone

For our senior project, Karrine and I decided to use our collaboration skills to connect with one of our very own sophomores in the building, in order to understand a day in the life of someone with a disability. The process was very challenging, as figuring out what we wanted the goal and outcome of this project to be was not easy at all. From start to finish, it took extreme focus, and time in and outside of school to accomplish our goal. Our project focused strictly on understanding that someone with a disability does not change the fact that they are still human as well. Understanding that disability does not limit you, was the overall message we gained from working with Sam. From the research, to the interviewing, to going to a wheelchair basketball tournament, and just all around communicating with Sam on a daily basis, allowed myself and Karrine to learn that focusing on the disability honestly does not matter, but we should focus more on who they are on the inside rather than the outside.