Moesha Grant's Capstone

Women Against Abuse (1)
​For my senior capstone, I decided I wanted to reflect on something I’ve struggled with my whole life to close my senior year. I witnessed domestic violence in my home since I was a young child and it often hindered my growth as a person. I wanted to help somebody like me, which is a child who has to deal with constant violence and fear in their home. I found an organization called Women Against Abuse in Philadelphia. I raised a $300 first for this organization and brought toiletries for them. I fundraised through selling Fried Oreos and Brownies at least three times a week since the end of February. I also created a Go Fund Me Page that I shared with the faculty and students of Science Leadership Academy at Dimner Beeber and my community. I posted this page on Facebook and even got my peers and family to repost it. I reached a goal of $250 on Go Fund Me and the rest of the money for the $300 came from my bake sales. I decided to give a financial gift to Women Against Abuse because I didn’t grow up with much money to fund my education or my needs while witnessing domestic violence in my home. My senior project helped me reflect as an SLA Student and citizen by I realized my purpose on this earth is to help someone else and not keep my struggles hidden. In order to help someone, you must share your pain and show them how you overcame it!

Senior Capstone

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This source gave statistical information about domestic abuse against women in America. I took some of this information and included this in my brochure. I found this source useful because I wanted to have some statistics on domestic violence against women in America. Most brochures I’ve read that make people aware about an issue give statistical information. One limitation to this source is these statistics were taken in 2011. I would have preferred something more recent.

Cook, Divas Can. "About." Divas Can Cook. N.p., 16 Apr. 2012. Web. 06 Feb. 2017. <>.

This source provides information about how to make cake pops. This source is helping me by I’m learning how to make one of the items I’m selling to fundraise for my capstone. I found this source useful because it’s helping me learn how to create cake pops in four easy steps. Also, this source shows how affordable making cake pops are, which is helpful because they won’t cost me too much to make them and sell them. I can gain great profit from selling cake pops for my capstone. One limitation of this source is it didn’t show where I can purchase the chocolate I need for the cake pops.

Domestic Violence Victim. 2013. Kool News. Web. 06 Feb. 2017. <>.

This source was a picture I got from online to put in my brochure. This source added some intense imagery to my brochure helping me portray my message to my community. I think my brochure looks more appealing with this picture. This image gave my brochure more of a personal touch. The only limitation to this source is I don’t know what country this picture comes from, but it’s not from America because the website is in another language.

"Food Fundraisers - Profitable Fundraising Ideas." Rewarding Fundraising Ideas. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2017. <>.

This source provides me information on numerous fundraising ideas. The ideas presented in this source can help he get to the goal of my capstone faster, which is a gift of $300 to the Woman's Against Abuse. Different ideas for fundraising will help me keep my fundraising fun and profitable. I don’t want to continue to sell the same items to fundraise all the time because people won’t buy them. One limitation of this source is some of the ideas are too expensive.  

"Help for Abused and Battered Women." Help for Abused and Battered Women: Protecting Yourself and Escaping from Domestic Violence. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Feb. 2017. <>.

This source topped off all my information in my brochure about the next steps in getting away from abusers. Also, it presented information on the dos and don’ts for forming an escape plan. Also, what to say and what not to say to someone getting abused, so they won’t over react. This source helped me realize the biggest mistake people make being friends of the victims of domestic violence is judging them or making them make instant decisions. I wanted to make sure this information was presented because it’s a common mistake made. The only limitation to this source is the source isn’t very recent.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. N.d. United Nations. Web. 06 Feb. 2017. < >.

This source was another image I got to put in my brochure. It says stop domestic violence against women on a hand, which is the direct message I want to present in my brochure. I should have took picture myself, but I might take my own photography for my presentation. I found this source useful in supporting the information in my brochure.

"Statistics." Statistics. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2017. <>.

This source also, added to the statistical information surrounding domestic violence against women. I discovered the percentages of women that are based is very high and people don’t realize it. This information will give my brochure more purpose and add intensity to getting the message across that domestic violence is a serious issue in society that is constantly ignored. One limitation to this source is I’m not sure even this information is very recent or has some bias in it.

"Violence Against Women." Am I being abused? N.p., 30 Sept. 2015. Web. 06 Feb. 2017. <>.

This source provides me information on the signs of early domestic violence against women. This source helped me provide some of the information presented in my brochure. Also, the article discusses an unhealthy and healthy relationship. I used some this information to inform people that are unaware about domestic violence against women to make them aware. One limitation to this source is it doesn’t give information on what to do if you're the friend if someone being abused.  

Women, New Hope for. "Abuser Tricks." New Hope for Women. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2017. <>.

This source gave me information on the tricky character presented from abusers. Many people don’t notice an abuser is an actual abuser early until an incident happens. This source gives an inside to victims or people that want to know about the early signs of domestic abusers. This source helped me inform people in my brochure about to catch their abuser early. The only limitation to this source are some of the characteristics they listed of the early signs of an abuser are repeated in just different ways.

"Women Against Abuse." Help Me | Women Against Abuse. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2017. <>.

This source gave me information on how I should go about the goal for my capstone. I’m giving $300 to the organization on this website. I’m also  getting hotline cards from this website for women to call if they want to get away from their abuser. I got information about what a women should do if she is trying to plan an escape from their abuser to put inside of my brochure. One limitation to this source is I still haven’t received hotline cards and it doesn't give much statistical information.