My social media survival guide

  • I am a person trying to hard to be funny on the internet,I would appear similarly like I do outside the internet .

  • I think people perceive me as a normal person who tries to hard to be funny .

  • I tend to think about whether or not the content is funny before I post it.

  • A pro of sharing online is that you communicate with others over great distances.A con is that if you post something inappropriate then everyone can see it.

  • A lack of control is that if you post something then it’s on the internet,you can’t control if people see it or not.Permanence is the fact that once you post it’s there for good.Immediacy is the fact that people can immediately find stuff out about you through your posts on the Internet.

        Free speech is that anyone can speak their mind.What isn't protected is slander, fighting words,liable,obscenity,etc.
         If you want to be on the internet, be aware of what you post. You should also be aware of who could view your content.Finally be aware of the rules of the internet and that if you post something you lose control over it.

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