Mya Bulgin & Iris Wilson Capstone

​​For our capstone, the vision that we had was to address and explain serious issues high schoolers are faced with in a way that a younger audience can easily comprehend;we accomplished this through telling of multiple stories which we then compiled into one storybook. The book is divided between three main topics including advocating for yourself, the balance between mental health and school and (whatever the third story is). At the end of each tale, there is a page which details the big ideas and lessons that could be pulled from the story, hopefully prompting the reader to reflect on that. The process of creating this book could described as having three distinct stages; research, story mapping and revision. We were already fairly well informed about the issues we wanted to write about, so the focus of our research was more about how to address such complex problems in a simple way. Once we got a better understanding of how to do that, we had to move onto to actually solidifying storyline details, which took a lot more time because we had to make sure we were only writing things that could also be shown through illustrations. Thankfully, the editing phase was the shortest, as it mostly focused on the aesthetic aspects of the book and it’s quality. This project taught us a lot about how to communicate more effectively in terms of reaching an audience and about how each experience we have is a lesson.